journal (Sat May 30 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #svg
  • #svganimation
  • #investing
  • #css
  • #sketchapp
  • #colors

Nice article on SVG paths

Another good article on codrops

Easing functions

Found a terrific youtube channel for SVG animation videos called Keyframers

Found nice bunch of articles at

Notes from Sarah Drasner's SVG workshop

Learnt about the details of stroke-dasharray, stroke-offset.

An engineers guide to stock options

Found an interesting way to create date strings without having to hardcode

The colors in this codepen look pretty good

Made a little svg animation using CSS the animation property and greensock

Creating a text based mask

A sketch plugin that for creating cool effects

A nice color selection tool

A lot of the MET's artwork is open source under creative commons