journal (Tue May 26 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #colors
  • #edm
  • #piano

Found a great article explaining what HSV colors are. To summarize Hue: The raw form of color/wavelength e.g. RGB/CMY Satutration: Color - white Value: Brightness, i.e. Mixing shades of gray in the color Always rememebr the picture of the cone in the above article

A great explanation of how to use colors

Musical notation

  • Beats, bars.
  • Generally 4 beats per bar
  • 1 beat the normal icon
  • 1/2 beat is the icon with a hook. Many half beats icons can be joined together
  • 2 beats is a hollow icon
  • 4 beats is just a hollow circle
  • 2 beat silence is a hyphen above the line
  • 4 beats silence is a hyphen below the line
  • Right hand lines - above
  • Left hand lines - below

Finding notes on the lines

  • Right hand lines - Every Good Boy Deserves Football
  • Right hand spaces - F A C E
  • Left hand lines - Good Boys Dont Frighten Animals
  • Left hand spaces - A C E Garage

Found this cool youtube video with some patterns to play many songs. He also has a free course and additional videos.

Found a website to mix songs etc