journal (Mon May 25 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #jslibraries
  • #reactlibraries
  • #svg
  • #codepen
  • #gooeypeople

Found a bunch of cool libraries in this Video

  1. Anime.js - This is absolutely wow. I must explore!
  2. Howler.js - This seems fun too.
  3. Chart.js - Ive seen this before. Its great.
  4. Reveal.js - Ive seen this before. Its great.
  5. Three.js - Well known.
  6. Pixi.js - Need to expore
  7. Video.js - Need to explore

Discovered nativescript - for building mobile apps using javascript. Will have to explore sometime.

Spent some time learning how to create scoped npm packages.

SVG path builder on Codepen lets you create SVG paths and export the path values. Found it in this youtube video about animejs.

To turn a path into a vector, just delete the M and Z values from the beginning and end of the path string, and convert the L into commas. As mentioned in this youtube video.

Discovered a cool 3d plugin for sketchapp that lets you create 3d stuff on Vectary and import into Sketchapp.

Sketchapp plugins


A component suite - A sidenav - React based animation library

Learnt a bunch of interesting CSS tricks from this video Some very interesting css examples Ive wanted to do this, but in a different way - I learn that you can create perspective in CSS -

Launched gooey-people under the creative commons license. They now have a nice interactive UI to help you pick a license.