journal (Sat Jun 20 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #git
  • #jslibraries
  • #websecurity
  • #piano
  • #investing

Read an article about git rebase. I think, in general, what you do is

git rebase --onto new_base first_sha last_sha


git rebase --onto master branch_one branch_two

This can be confusing. The best way to interpret this is - Commits of branch_two minus commits of branch_one need to be replayed onto master.

Also discovered a git game called Githug.

Learning to mitigate CSRF attacks on a nodejs website using the csurf library.

I learnt that fetch api supports streaming.

  • Major chord skip pattern - 3, 2. Minor chord skip pattern - 2,3 Youtube
  • There is a difference between a key and a note.
  • I learnt about inversion. Still cant wrap make my fingers do it.

For theory

For practice

4 chords to play hundreds of songs

  • This is pretty good site to create mock data