journal (Wed Jun 17 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #nodejs
  • #analytics
  • #d3js
  • #dataviz
  • #piano

Learnt about

How not to serve the default index.html file from express static.

// The actual index file is served by express, so just add a fake value here
// that should never be available anyways
    path.join(__dirname, '../../build'),
    {index: 'served_by_express'}

Etags can be thought of as checksums. If the server realizes the etag of the requested file is the same, it does not send down the whole file again and the browser can simply use the file from its cache.

I was messing around with some configuration and learnt how to create segments in Google Analytics. It was pretty interesting. Need to dig a bit deeper.

  • - A great resource with a lot of examples
  • I didnt realize until now that all the examples on are gists.
  • Dicovered Its so damn convenient.

  • Discovered Leonard Bernstein and a playlist of his lectures.

  • Learnt that the direction of the stem in a note has nothing to do with the way it is played. If its above the middle line, it points downwards from the left edge. If its below the middle line, it points upwards from the right edge. The middle one can go in any direction. This is simply done as a convenience to prevent the stem from going way above/below lines.

Watched a video by him but didnt understand much. It only made me want to learn more.

Leonard Bernstein

Also learned about Bachs house which is a museum in Germany dedicated to a composer named Johann Sebastian Bach.