journal (Wed Jun 10 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #svg
  • #gsap
  • #investing
  • #philosophy
  • #googletagmanager

  • A great demo for understanding the SVG coordinate system This is how you make an SVG blob -
  • Compositing - when you combine a graphic with its backdrop.
  • Learnt about the background-blend-mode and the mix-blend-mode property from this great article.
  • Use this background-blend-mode demo.
  • Use this mix-blend-mode demo
  • Theres even a css isolation property.
  • A non-zero opacity value creates a stacking context.
  • Blending is constrained within a stacking context.
  • feFlood simply fills up the whole space. So its a good way to fill up an svg and then cut out parts from it based on the SourceGraphic.

Was playing around with gsap MotionPathPlugin. Working on some animation experiments. Used ramda's times function for the first time. Demos coming soon. I noticed that if you run Math.random in a loop, youre very likely to get similar values. And thats probably because the seed for random number generation are based on time and are just too close together. Here's another variable seed random number generator.

I just learned that the DOW just has 30 companies. Need to read about its history.

Learnt about First principles thinking initially defined by Aristotle. Need to read more about this.

First Principles

Google Tag Manager(GTM), conceptually has Tags and Triggers that do the following.

  • Triggers - Represent conditions. e.g. Is this DOM node on the page?
  • Tags - Represent actions that happen when conditions are satisfied. e.g. Send data to google analytics if the dom node trigger is satisfied.
  • A decent video on youtube for the same.