journal (Sun Jun 07 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #serverless
  • #sketchapp
  • #reactlibraries
  • #svg

  • Open source platform for creating serverless infrastructure
  • Calculate expenses across companies for serverless -
  • - The name says it all
  • Implement authentication in serverless applications -
  • Hugo - a static site generator just like gatsby. Fully opensource.
  • JAMSTACK stands for - Javascript Api and Markup
  • - Open source, is being used at digital ocean. I am still not sure how to make sense of all these things out there.
  • Fission - a framework for serverless functions on Kubernetes.
  • Kubeless - another framework for serverless functions on Kubernetes.
  • Faunadb - Database built for serverless.
  • Jets - Ruby now has its own serverless framework as well.
  • The PLONK stack for serverless.
  • Serverless globe - An article on csstricks by Sarah Drasner.
Chris Coyier's great talk on serverless. Has information about a bunch of websites.

  • Reading part 2 of the series.
  • feMerge merges many filter primitives.
  • Filters dont have to be defined inside defs within the svg.
  • Filters defined inside an svg can be used by any markup on the page.
  • operator dilate - thickens stuff, operator erode thins stuff.
  • operator=in: when in and in2 intersect, in is displayed in the intersected area.
  • operator=out: when in and in2 intersect, the intersected area is subtracted.

Some interesting fonts for retro styles - november, green-fuz, dpcomic