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Today I learnt

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Greensock use document.querySelectorAll under the hood. So you can pass in anything, and not just classes and ids.

Restarting a timeline is pretty fun.

A nice video with a story to remember the piano keys. D - Dog house - between 2 black keys - dog house G - Grandma and Aunt - between 3 black keys - human house Grandma goes out the front door to her left Aunt goes out of back door on her right

Intervals between keys determine what a Major and minor are Minor 2nd - Key + 1 Major 2nd - Key + 2

Minor 3rd - Key + 3 Major 3rd - Key + 4

Reference - This youtube video

Half step = Key + 1 Whole step = Key + 2

Whole Step (W: USA) = Tone (T: UK) Half Step (H: USA) = SemiTone (S: UK)

A scale is a pattern of intervals.

Major Scale US: W W H W W W H Uk: T T S T T T S

You can start the major scale from any key on the keyboard as long as you follow the above pattern.

Key signature - The Sharp(black) keys that you need to play a the major scale.

Virual piano with decent key mapping

15 min Youtube video on music theory

Found ramda-adjunct

Found this really cool site for fonts