journal (Wed Jul 22 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #webgl
  • #canvas
  • #jslibraries
  • #react

  • Learning how to do some generative art using canvas and webgl.
  • Didnt know that webgl has better perf than canvas, mainly because it uses the GPU.
  • Found an intersting youtbe channel for animation by Ben Marriott, but mainly for aftereffects

  • A pretty good UI library - ChakraUI
  • eases - An npm package for eases.
  • bezier-easing - Npm package for creating custom bezier easing functions.
  • nice-color-palettes - A bunch of curated color palettes with programmatic access.
  • canvas-sketch-util - This library has some really nifty utilities like pseudo random number generation, linear interpolation etc.