journal (Mon Dec 28 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #devops
  • #dataviz

  • Chrome automatically redirects from http to https if it has cached it before. And you get a "Connection Refused error". This can be very confusing. You can instead try to ping/curl or open the url in an incognito window to see if the site is actually running.
  • Toggl report api is open source! This means that I can try to do my own visualizations on my personal data.
  • Vercel no longer lets you encrypt environment variables that are in the "development" category. Which seems reasonable enough to me.
  • There is a login shell vs a regular shell. Commands in the bash_profile are only run when you open a login shell. When you create a integrated shell in vscode in Ubuntu, you get a standard shell, so it does not read commands in ~/.bash_profile. The workaround in this github comment does the trick.

Classifications of data

  • Categorical: Data that can be divided into groups. e.g. gender, race, hair color.
  • Ordinal: Like categorical, but there is an order e.g weight class, education level, income range. Usually used in questionnaires.
  • Quantitative: Numerical data
  • Temporal: Dates and time
  • Spacial: Cities, regions