journal (Tue Aug 04 2020)

Today I learnt

  • #strapi
  • #vercel
  • #framermotion
  • #docker

  • At this time, strapi does not have a simple way to allow API based authentication. They have a workaround though that isint too bad but its more involved.
  • Strapi's REST api isin't JSONAPI compliant. I really wish that it was. Nevertheless its not complicated.
  • It seems like by default there is no way for an admin to invoke an api endpoint when logged in. I found that unusual. I would assume that an admin has full access.
  • You can run your app locally using vercel dev and it will let you access your serverless functions. There's hot reloading, but its slow. So dont press ctrl+s mindlessly.
  • Framer motion is quite fun and easy to use, at least for basic use cases. There is a bit of a learning curve. After all, animation is a completely different animal to deal with.
  • If you load children that are staggered, and then you load more, the newly added items will not be staggered. Its almost as if the animation has already completed so it does not apply to new elements.
  • docker ps can be formatted to make it a litte more clear.
docker ps --format '{{.Names}} | {{.ID}} | {{.RunningFor}} | {{.Status}}'